Get Healthier Hair With : “The No Heat Challenge”

The EZthread No Heat Challenge


Let’s face it, it’s always a good idea to step away from the heat, so the best time to start a no heat challenge is right now! And as of recently  many influencers in the natural hair-care community are paving the way for a no heat movement.

What is a no heat challenge.transparentbg1

The“No Heat Challenge” is where you completely eliminate heat styling tools from your hair-care routine, for a specific amount of time. Heat styling tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons are all put away.

The pros and cons of a no heat challenge.transparentbg1

Of course there are many reasons to embrace this movement, some people like it in hopes for longer hair, some people are drawn to it because they’ve been previous victims of heat damage and others are in a simple noble pursuit to promote healthy hair practices. Whatever the reasons may be, consequently, by eliminating direct heat you’re eliminating the chances of damage, and heat damage is irreparable. Overtime direct heat robs your hair of moisture, causes split ends, damage and breakage.


So clearly, there are great benefits to pulling the plug on these heat tools. I think we would all agree sticking to the challenge is the difficult part. Like any new lifestyle routine, change is hard, and we understand sometimes you just need to straighten your hair. Straighten hair helps you track your growth progress, trim your split ends, and lets be frank, straight hair can be more manageable and it does looks nice. But before you write this challenge off, thankfully there are no-heat options to straighten your hair: EZthread. EZthread styling tool gives you the stretched out look that you love without the use of heat.

EZthread No Heat Challengetransparentbg1

This has inspired us to start a “EZthread No Heat Challenge of our own, which allows you to implement the use of your EZthread styling tool in your routine. The great thing about using the ezthread on this challenge is that you don’t have to set realistic goals. If you believe you can not withstand temptation of straightening your hair, then EZthread can give you the look without the heat. Or if you simply want a heat-less alternative to straight hair then you can use EZthread without feeling guilty that you’ve broken the challenge. You get the best of both worlds and under these circumstances it makes a no heat challenge far more easier and realistic. So if you love straightening but want to go on a no heat challenge then the EZthread no heat challenge is for you.



Our no heat version can be more than a challenge, it can be the start of a no heat hair-lifestyle, so contact us today and join for free and receive your welcome pack. We will help you document your journey in the best way possible including instructions, and tips for a successful challenge.

Of course being on any challenge accountability really helps, so definitely share the “EZthread no heat challenge” with friends and family and get a whole team of supporter on board to help you. They can help you not only stay on track but share in the high and low moments. So, begin your start to fuller, longer, healthier hair, you’ll for sure be glad you challenged yourself.

Start your EZthread No Heat Challenge


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