Repair Dry Hair Forever


there are scientific reasons to why your hair is suffering from dry, brittleness. One is that your scalp doesn’t produce enough sebum, sebum is a oil that your body naturally produces to moisturize your hair. Some people produce a lack of this and therefore have naturally dry hair. Another reason is the genetic make-up of your hair, the structure of curly hair causes moisture to escape, which leads to dry hair.

“Heat from styling tools are the #1 self inflicted reason for dryness.”

So there are scientific reasons behind the cause of dry hair. Which is why moisturizing everyday or every other day is critical for natural hair. If you are moisturizing daily but are still struggling to see results, we have listed 4 practices that will not only repair your dry hair but also help maintain the moisture and healthy.

circle1Hot Oil & Deep Conditioners


One of the best ways to replace the moisture back into your hair is to apply a hot oil treatment or deep conditioner treatment once a week. You can use a store brought conditioner or try a homemade hair mask, using ingredients such as avocado, egg, yogurt, and mayonnaise. These treatments can be done overnight with a plastic cap, or for 20-30 minutes under a hooded drier or steamer. Ideally you want to do this at least once a week.

circle2Leave-In Conditioner


Swap out your shampoo for a moisturizing conditioner which is formulated for dry hair. Conditioners can also cleanse the hair, so you’ll still feel as if you’ve shampooed your hair with the benefit of an extra dose of conditioning! Choose a conditioner that is thick and creamy which contains natural oils. If you feel you must use a shampoo make sure it is pH-balanced and doesn’t contain ingredients harsh ingredients such as alcohol, sulfur, formaldehyde, and sodium laurel sulfate. Look for ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea butter and Coconut oil which are nourishing.

circle3The EZthread Styling Tool


The EZthread styling tool can help your strands maintain it’s moisture and elasticity in two ways. Firstly, Ezthread is a heat-less styling tool, heat can damage the cuticle structure of the hair causing natural moisture to escape, this leads to dry and brittle hair. Swapping out your usually heat styling tools and opting for the EZthread tool will help you maintain healthy moisturized hair.

Secondly, EZthread works a protective styling tool. The thread coats the strands blocking out the dry air and harsh weather which rob your hair of moisture. Instead it protects the strands trapping existing moisture in and protecting any moisture from escaping, keep your hair healthy.

circle4Silk Or Satin Pillowcase / Head Scarf


Cotton is an absorbent material and can take a toll on your hair by sucking the moisture from it. Silk or satin sheets prevent moisture from escaping, sleeping with a satin scarf or pillowcase will help maintain the moisture you’ve added to your hair whiles you sleep.



Remember heat from styling tools is the number one self inflicted cause of damage and dryness to your hair. Also chemical perms and relaxers, are all major culprits of stripping your hair of essential moisture.


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