The Heatless Straightener


For so many people heat styling tools are a key part of their hair care routine. No matter your hair style, hair length, or hair texture it is likely at some point you owned or used a flatiron or blow-drier. Heat styling tools are very popular, no one can deny how great they make your hair look, but they do have some disadvantages to them.



    1.   Manageable hair,
2.    Reduces frizz and tangles,
3 .    Quick and easy to use,
4 .    Gorgeous, smooth hair.

Though heat styling tools have many advantages to their use, they do also have some disadvantages.



   1.     Heat damage
2.   Strips hair of moisture
3.   Dry and brittle hair
4.   Breakage and split ends

Unfortunately the disadvantages of heat damage sometimes weighs too heavy for those who take pride in the health of there hair.  Heat damage is irreversible and therefore shouldn’t be something we take lightly. So is it fair to say, the market needs a healthier way to straighten your hair – one that possesses all the advantages of straightening your hair but none of the disadvantages? – one that does not require any heat!



That’s where the newly-released ezthread-word-no-cap comes in. The EZthread styling tool solves a common fear many women face – the fear of heat damage. EZthread Styling tool is a revolutionary new way to straighten hair that will change your hair styling routine forever! Instead of ironing your hair… you simply thread it straight!  The “revolutionary” hair straightening tool threads your hair by wrapping thread around your hair this technique can ‘straighten and smooth’ your hair, without the use of heat. It’s easy, fast and safe for all hair types.

EZthread provides all the benefits of a heat styling tool, plus more:

se6sh1  1.   Manageable hair,
se6sh12.    Reduces frizz and tangles,
se6sh13 .    Quick and easy to use,
se6sh14 .    Gorgeous, smooth hair.



wordheatThink of the EZthread tool as a mash up between a straighter & a protective styling tool. While straightening your in thread, it is also protecting it against breakage for retention, locking in moisture for strength and reduces knots and tangles for better manageability. So in effect, you’re efficiently killing two birds with one stone, by protecting your strands while straightening it.

wordheat2Manually threading your hair can be very complicated and time consuming. EZthread is designed with a battery powered operated switch that works quickly and efficiently, on even the longest of hair. So literally by the click of a button EZthread will dramatically lower your styling time, verses the styling time it would take you to manually thread your hair.

wordheat1Heat is used for two main things, straightening the hair and drying the hair when wet or damp. EZthread straightens the hair by stretching it and the tool can also be used on wet or damp hair allowing it to air dry which is a far safer was of drying your hair. so there is no fear of heat damage ans all the negative affects that come with using heat such as loss of moisture, split ends and breakage.


ezthred-only is faster, gentler and just as effective on your hair. So instead of using a traditional flat iron or blow drier that can damage your hair why not try EZthread. The negative results are gorgeous, sleek and smooth hair from root to tip with the use of zero heat.


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