How To Straighten your Hair Without Suffering Heat Damage


w1e know you love your kinks and curls but sometimes you want a bit of a change. after all straight hair doesn’t go out of fashion . Luckily there is a effective way to straighten your curly hair and that is with a flat iron and a blow drier. To straighten you firstly, blow drying their hair then go over it with a flat iron. But unfortunately applying heat directly to your hair especially in one session can be damaging to the hair, causing split ends and breakage. You want your hair to curl back after straightening but since this popular method of straightening has resulting in an over load of horror stories for many women it’s about time we explore healthier methods of straightening your curls.

“Preparing your hair for heat styling is key to a safe and healthy straighten process”.

Preparing your hair for heat styling is key to a safe and healthy straighten process. We have listed 4 essential ways to prepare your hair for a successful straightening process without suffering heat damage.

1Deep conditioning

When you deep condition your hair you build up your hair’s natural proteins and close the hair cuticle to prevent moisture from escaping. Protein treatments are excellent for this, since heat strips the hair of moisture a protein treatments help in the fight against brittle hair and add strength and re-hydrated.

2Allow Your Hair To Air Dry

This is probably the most important and effective step to preventing heat damage. You want to skip blow drying and replace it with air drying. This is so important is because you are limiting your hair’s exposure to heat and therefore limiting the likely hood of damage. The double dose of blow-drying and then flat ironing can cause server breakage. The key to air drying is hair stretching, African hair threading is a heat-less alternative to blowdrying.

Click below and watch how this natural stretches her hair with African hair threading.



howeverthe reason many people choose not to do African threading is the fact that it is such a time consuming process.ezthread-word-no-cap is ideal because it allows you to African thread your hair quickly and efficiently, in half the time just by a click of a button. This tool comes in handy for those day when you want to blow out your hair without using heat.

Because Ezthread is a much gentler method for loosening your curls, and the results are gorgeous straight hair and you can always stop at this stage.

“Using Ezthread is a much gentler method for loosening your curls”

3Use A Heat Protectant

You should always use a heat protectant when applying heat to you hair. This should be coated on each section of hair from root to tip. What a heat protectant does is act as a barrier between you hair shaft and the heat, though a heat protectant can not guarantee total protection from heat damage it can help to limit it.

4Use A Low Heat Setting

In this case, less is definitely better, so by scaling down on the temperature and using a lower heat setting will help tremulously. Heat in excess can be detrimental to your strands, so scaling back on the amount of times you pass the iron over a section helps too to be kinder to your hair!

By following the previous steps, your hair should already be straighten with the African hair threading technique. this is beneficial because it makes following this step that much easier because  half the process is already done so you don’t need to pass the irons multiple times over a section or use high heat setting.

Watch this Youtuber below flatiron her hair after using the African hair threading technique.



5Use Ceramic Straighteners

Lastly, makers of ceramic hair straightener have explained ceramic hair irons focus on evenly distributed heat which therefore leave more moisture in the hair and reduce the chances of hair damage.

abcco there you have it, with these tips you can assess the straight hair that you want while protecting the health of your natural hair.

bonusAfter you finish straightening your hair you now want to up keep this style in the best and healthiest way possible. At night try using the EZthread styling tool, by threading your hair at night can help to maintain and even prefect the straighten look while locking in moisture.





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