My Experience With Type 4 Hair



I am really not the kind of person to use categorizes, I don’t like to put anything in a box, including my hair. Reason being, because I felt like I would be limiting my hair’s potential, so hair typing never really appealed to me. But if I absolutely had to describe my hair I would say it was more of a 4C with a little 4B.




This is generally know as the most brittle and driest hair texture of them all, but I love my texture. I have embraced my hair, but it’s been a long road, I didn’t always feel this way about my texture. I had to learn to love it.

When I first went natural my hair texture was so foreign to me, I couldn’t understand why it looked the way it did. For instance, it looked so dry even after moisturizing and so unkempt even after combing. There was no denying this gave me a bit of a complex about my texture, especially after seeing all these naturals on Youtube who’s hair looked nothing like mine.


It was official, I was completely out of my comfort zone and I didn’t know how to care for my hair.  When I put my hair into a ponytail my edges were frizzy and looked messy. When I rocked a wash-n-go my hair would dry out and there would be no curl definition. I was at my wits end, no matter what I done to my hair it just didn’t look the way I wanted it to look. This frustration prompted me to change my thinking on what I thought my hair could and couldn’t do.

4chair-titleRealizing my strands were fragile, and dry and probably wouldn’t achieve the curl pattern was refreshing because I didn’t have unrealistic expectations. But totally accepting this started to make me feel limited in what I thought my hair could do. So I began to think outside of the box, I wanted to prevent my hair from being so brittle, so dry, and having so much shrinkage. But after researching I wasn’t pleased with most of the answers I got. The advice i got was blow drying, using curling-wands, even texturizing or texlaxing. But I did not want to add chemicals or risk heat damage. so i found a solution, and it wasn’t a styling product, it was a the styling method. I discovered the EZthread Method; which utilizes African Hair Threading.

In the beginning I heard so many great things about African Hair Threading and it’s benefits so I was obviously excited to try it. However my first attempt was a complete fail, I literally gave up midway after manually threading half of my hair. it was a disaster the thread was tangling and getting everywhere, my arms were aching and getting tired and the process was so very  time consuming.


So when I was introduced to the EZthread styling tool, I was pretty excited, I had heard so much about it and it sounded a bit too good to be true, so I was looking froward to find out if it really worked. At first glance, it seemed like the perfect blow-drier substitute for my type 4 hair. It was sleek and potable and seemed like an easy swap.

The application was pretty easy, I was dreading the take-down but to my surprise that was super easy, and the results were amazing. My hair was stretched, smooth, and even moisturized I could still see and feel the oils that I’d applied before threading, 02cdzi3dit was almost like my hair was being marinated under the thread. I didn’t think it would work as great as it did. I began incorporate threading into my regime and my strands loved it.Without the EZthread styling tool, I don’t think I would be able to incorporate threading  into my regime because it makes the application of threading so much easier.


This now the technique I use to stretch my hair every-time I want to straighten it or see some length, the results look just like a blowout. And it amazes me that so many naturals grab the blow dryer whenever they want to have stretched hair.  Sure, the blow-dryer is faster but why risk the damage? I would definitely recommend threading, it’s the best protective style that I have ever done.


Flatirons make targets my edges close to my scalp. I am very loose on my scalp and edges because I don’t want to put strain  on I anticipated to see how it would look. But good news: it didn’t look bad it actually looked pretty awesome. I don’t think it polishes my edges quite like a flatiron does, but it worked wonders for the hair and scalp, and smoothed my overall look. I’m obsessed with the styler.

I no longer have a love/hate relationship with my hair, just a love relationship zv2zwpng. My hair is now super easy to manage too, all I do is un-thread moisturize and go, my hair confidence is up, EZthread has changed the manageable, dryness level and health of my hair. Why didn’t I discover this sooner?




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