The Myth Of Heat Damage

heatHeat damage is one of those topic that has never been fully understood. For example why are there some naturals that swear off heat due to heat damage where as other women can straighten their hair everyday and their hair seems to be just as healthy. This leads many to question if heat damage is a myth.

Unfortunately we were never born with sensory receptors on our strands of hair, so there is no way of feeling if your is hair burning. But just like our skin, our hair does burn. The hair shaft is actually very delicate and gets burnt easily, and when this happens the damage is irreversible.


Straighter hair is actually built more courser and resistant to heat damage and breakage. The make up of curly hair, on the other-hand, is more thinner and fine, therefore the hair shaft is less tolerant to excessive heat. Afro hair is the curliest coil-est hair on the hair scale, making it the most fragile and susceptible to heat damage and breakage. The Further up on the hair scale you go the more resistant it gets to heat damage.



Heat not only burns your hair but it also strips your hair of its natural moisture which makes it susceptible to snapping and breaking. Your hair needs moisture for nourishment and elasticity so if you notice a lack of this, you may be suffering from heat damage. Damaged hair is normally categorized by these common traits:

  • Brittleness,
  • Breakage,
  • Dullness, andlarge
  • Extreme Dryness.



Unfortunately heat damage cannot be reversed the hair shaft is a delicate structure which is unable to repair itself. Hair strands are actually dead once they come out of your scalp, so once it’s damaged, it’s not really possible to fully fix. Your best bet is to cut the damaged stands off and focus on strengthen your existing healthy strands. Protein treatments are great for this, your hair strands are made-up of proteins so this treatment will help strengthen and bring back shine to your healthy hair.



The secret to preventing heat damage while straightening your hair is to not use heat at all. African hair threading is a fantastic heat-less alternative to blow-drying, and has become the go-to straightening technique for many naturals.

Click below and watch how this natural stretches her hair by African hair threading.



However African threading is a time consuming process and to make this process 10 times easily is the Ezthread styling tool, this allows you to African thread your hair quickly and efficiently, in half the time, just by a click of a button. This tool comes in handy for those day when you want to straighten your hair without using heat.

Utilizing styling tools such as the EZthread styler will help your hair maintain its health and keep heat damage at bay. No one wants to get heat damage or to end up to cutting off their hard work of hair growth.


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