Combat Hair Shrinkage


want to see a magic trick? Then, browse through before and after shrinkage photos, you’ll sure to be amazed. There are so many wonderful qualities that come with having curly kinky hair, but shrinkage is possibly the least favorite quality. What is shrinkage? It is the length difference between your hair when it’s stretched and your hair when it’s curly. All types of curly hair experience this, however, it’s more noticeable in tighter kinky curls, hiding up to 80% of the actual hair length.


It is not a secret shrinkage can be irritating, but not just because it makes curly hair look shorter but because it can actually cause an overload of tangles. Tangles and knots are not only a nightmare to get out, but can cause snapping and breakage resulting in damaged hair. Therefore avoiding shrinkage can help in promoting length retention and health of your hair. However, if you have tight coils and you think there is no way to avoid shrinkage, well, then your wrong. There are numerous ways to fight shrinkage by straightening your hair. But what makes this even more frustrating blow drying and flat-ironing can cause breakage, therefore you’re almost fighting a loose loose battle.

“Hair threading has recently, become the go to heat-less natural hair stretcher”

But there is a ways to minimize shrinkage by stretching your hair in a healthy, heat-less way. That is by stretching your hair with the EZthread styling tool. The EZthread tool effortlessly uses thread to gently stretch out your curls resulting in straight hair without the use of heat or harsh chemicals and thus keeping shrinkage at bay.

Hair threading has recently, become the go to heat-less natural hair stretcher and EZthread allows you to achieve this in half the time. So not only can you have straight hair but you can also limit the frequent knots and tangles that are associated with shrinkage. Therefore stop allowing shrinkage to robed you of your true length, and avoid major shrinkage with the new EZthread tool.



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