5 Things Every Natural Must Do

5 Things Every Natural Must Do

If you’re starting your journey to going natural, or perhaps are already natural you’ll soon come to realize the information out there can be overwhelming. So we have put together a 5 essentials practices that we believe are key to the upkeep and health of curly kinky hair.


circle1word5Protective styling is essential for natural hair growth and health. Curly hair is more fragile and prone to breakage therefore it strives when left alone and protected. Click here to read more about the best protective style.


circle2word51Utilizing stretched hairstyles is also important  curly hair is prone to curling up on itself causing knots and tangles which can snag, snap and break. Stretched hairstyles minimize this kind of breakage. Apart from preventing breakage it also aids in the manageability of your hair.


circle3word53Moisture, moisture, moisture. Nourishing your hair and scalp is so important for the strength and elasticity of your hair because this helps in the fight against breakage.  There are three steps to adding moisture; deep-conditioning, co-washing and daily moisturizing.


circle4word52Sleeping with a silk / satin head scarf and/or a satin pillow case is literally your saving grace to not waking up to a matted mess of hair each morning. During your 6-8 hours of sleep you want to prevent frizz, knots and dryness which all wreak havoc on your hair. A silk/satin scarf can help prevent this but locking in moisture and keeping friction to a minimum.


circle5words5Curly hair is naturally dry and fragile, heat stripping natural moisture from your hair causing it to become brittle and break easily. Access breakage is know as heat damage and curly hair is more susceptible to heat damage. Therefore limit heat as much as possible, allow your hair to air dry and use a heat-less straighter like EZthread.



Lastly the number one, most important styling tool that we believe no natural should not go without is “the EZthread styling tool”. It works as a 3n1, protective styler, helps to lock in moisture and stretches the hair without the use of heat. Making it a must have necessity for all naturals.



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