Hairstyles Using EZthread



take your hair-styling game to the next level and be inspired by one of these hot looks with EZthread. The EZthread styler allows you to easily achieve your favorite hairstyle simply by setting your hair in order for you to get the look you want. We’ve put together some of the most popular, flattering and sexiest hairstyles that work for both casual days and nights out.


For maximum stretch start with clean damp hair and use the EZthread styler to thread your hair. Ideal you want to keep the thread in for more than just one night, but once the thread is taken out you will be left with beautiful stretched hair. Stretched hair is the perfect foundation for a multitude of hairstyles. So where you want to show off your true length or create another hairstyle, stretched hair is manageable and beautiful.


Who doesn’t love big loose curls, but if you have tightly coiled or kinky hair it is hard for you even see a curl pattern. But that isn’t a problem with the EZthread styler, EZthread allows you to stretch your hair so the curls are more visible even on the frizziest of hair.


Ezthread allows you to achieve the prefect big Afro simply undo the thread to revel stretched and fluffy hair, use a little of your favorite oil for shine and pick out your fro with a comb. Zero heat is required not even a blow drier, just effortless big, gorgeous hair with EZthread.


After setting your hair overnight with the EZthread styler your hair is stretched and manageable, ideal to create the perfect sleek top knot bun. after setting your hair over night with the EZthread frizz and fly aways are dramatically reduced leaving you with the effortless ability to achieve the best sleek bun.hairstyle1

This is the kind of hair that bounces with natural shine because are  starting on stretched, dry hair the curls have more bounce and volume, great for long or short hair and even women who are transitioning to natural hair.


Faux locs are so in trend right now, they’re edgy and work as a great protective style, so its easy to see why so many people are choosing this look. The EZthread styler allows you to achieve faux locs by simply swapping the thread out to a more thicker wool and you can achieve the look in half the time, with the styler than you would by doing it by hand.

hairstyles41Having bone straight hair is not the easiest look to achieve when you have curly kinky hair. Achieving it usually requires a lot of heat and possible hair damage . After using the EZthread styler your hair is already elongated so the styler does half the job for you with no heat.


Achieving a blow out with EZthread is so simple, after threading your hair overnight it becomes long and fluffy and looks identical to how your hair would look if you used a blow drier. Again zero heat required only use your favorite oil to moisturize your hair and you’re good to go.hair41

Threading is a beneficial protective style and an ideal way for stretching your hair, but African threading can also be used as a great hair-style within itself. There are many different stylish creative looks you can create with threading. More and more people are choosing to style there hair this way so you won’t be short of inspirational images.


Ideally you want to set this look overnight


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