The Best Protective Style Ever


abcno matter the day, season, or weather, protective hairstyles are always in fashion, nothing says in-style more than healthy nourished hair, and that is what protective styling provides. Although the definition varies from person to person, protective styling, as the name implies, is a style aimed to protect the hair from the stresses of daily manipulation and environmental elements. This is important because natural hair is fragile, each tight coil creates a point of potential breakage therefor for curly hair to maintain length retention protective styling is ideal.

Cornrows, box braids,  faux locs and up-do’s are all examples of popular protective style options, however another option which has been widely overlooked is threading.

“African hair threading has been widely overlooked as a protective style”



We believe African Hair Threading works as the best protective style because it is able to tick all the essential boxes needed for the perfect protective style.

The Perfect Protective Style

se6sh1Saves time on styling;


se6sh1Promotes length retention;


se6sh1Protects from the elements;


se6sh1Locks in moisture;


se6sh1Prevents breakage.



though it has great benefits, African hair threading is generally overlooked because it is so time consuming to install. The new Ezthread styling tool is ideal because it allows you to thread your hair quickly and efficiently, in half the time, just by a click of a button and has all the benefits of hair threading. Lets explore these benefits further:


1Saves Time On Styling

How much time ideally would you like to spend on your hair a day? I bet as minimum as possible. Well just as much as you need a break from your hair; your hair needs a break from you. All the pulling and tugging you do to your hair, can lead to breakage.Threading protects your hair from any manipulation once it’s installed, and can be worn under wigs or as a fierce hair style. Requiring very little to no daily upkeep of your own hair making it possible for your hair to flourishes.

2Promotes Length Retention

Since natural hair is so fragile and susceptible to breakage retaining length can seems like a hard task especially when the strands are breaking at a faster rate at which it is growing. Threading helps you retain length for longer hair growth because the thread acts a barrier around your hair, safely locking in moisture for nourishment and your strands are tucked away from any chance of breakage.

“Threading help you retain length for longer grow your hair”

3Locks In Moisture

Dry hair tends to snap, even when little or no force is applied. Moisture is what hair needs to maintain it’s elasticity and strength. When you thread you’re hair you are wrapping a seal (the thread) around your hair trapping in the existing moisture for strength and elasticity.

4Prevents Breakage & Protects Against The Elements

This is self explanatory by protecting your hair against the elements  you are in fact preventing breakage; and threading does a excellent job of that .


So there you have it, this is why hair threading tops our list as the number 1 rated protective style . No other hair style offers this amount  of benefit and protection for your hair. So if you haven’t done so already  why not try African hair threading as your next protective style.


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