What is EZthread?


AS the name implies EZthread is used to easily thread your hair. EZthread: Threading your way to strong healthy hair.

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with more and more bad press surrounding the chemicals involved in these treatments isn’t it amazing to know that there is safe no chemical no heat option available? But just don’t take our word for it, find what our customers are saying by going to our testimonial page.


Failing that, we’ve been rushing out to the hairdresser and having the Yuko or Brazilian treatments but with more and more bad press surrounding the chemicals involved in these treatments isn’t it good to know that there are safe options available?

What we absolutely adore about the humble straightening brush is its ease of use.  Simply plug in, heat up, brush and go – it’s that easy and it cuts styling time in half.  We are all rushing around with busy lifestyles so straightening brushes are a godsend, especially if you’re running from boardroom to bar.  It’s so easy to slip into your bag before going to work and at the end of the day, plug it in and any stray frizz is instantly smoothed into shape – voila!

The straightening brush is dramatically evolving too.  For those of you who can remember, the first Dafni video came out in 2015 and it’s fast approaching 2017 now so there are newer and better generations.  The latest models have enhanced features, more temperature control, are lighter in weight and come with advanced ant-frizz ionic technology.

game-changing to how you style, protect and straighten your hair. this innovative tool does everything your favorite hair dyer does but more

what styling tool do you know that leaving you with smooth, frizz-free hair that’s shiny and detangled.

this tool is a 2-in-1 hair tools as a heatless blow-out and a protective styler. They have a triple action system: they detangle, straighten and increase natural hair shine. They seal the hair cuticle reducing frizziness and increasing hair manageability. Trust me, with these must-have hair straightening brushes, you won’t miss the old flat iron days.as it straightens and protects your strands it also moisturizes detangles

it’s pretty much a styling must-have for anyone looking for sleeker, frizz-free hair.

the best $49 she ever spent on a hair tool.A straightening iron works by breaking hydrogen bonds in the hair. While very effective, it can damage your hair in the long run. If you are looking for a safer and cheaper alternative to getting sleek, frizz-free locks, you may consider a hair straightening brush. These electric brushes that straighten hair are considered the new generation of hair straighteners,

The conculsion is If you have frizzy, tangling a hair straightening brush may help you tame the tangles and knots and make your hair more manageable.

If like straighten you but have had heat damage or are afraid of getting heat damage  Ezthread  helps you achieve silky, smooth straight hair just like a standard hair drier without the damage.

If you’re suffering from breakage or you simply want a protective style to wear under wigs or at night the EZthread protects your strands.

They’re growing in popularity because people find african hair threading effective and and EZthread provides the convenient to use.

In our search for salon quality styled hair, a hot air brush or styler answers our prayers. An easy alternative to the difficult and tiring task of the dreaded blow dry.

Hot air stylers give volume and body whilst smoothing hair straight or creating gorgeous curls. The key to these products is that they provide hot air for drying whilst simultaneously working as a styling tool.

Like the hair brush straighteners seen on TV, a hot hairbrush can tame even the most frizzy and unruly hair leaving you looking FABULOUS for a night on the town. What is the best hot air brush and styler?



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