The Secret To Preventing Tangles & Single Strand Knots


when you have curly hair, single strand knots and tangles seem to come with the territory. Curly hair is prone to curl up on itself, thus creating tangles and single knots that we so commonly see. Though tangles may be a minor annoyance, they can actually turn into major problems such as hair breakage.  Knots and tangles can snag and rip the hair contributing to unnecessary breakage, leaving your hair looking limp and thin. This makes tangles a #1 contributor to hair breakage, and that’s why minimizing tangles is vital. Fortunately, there are effective ways to prevent your hair from tangling by identifying when the tangles most occur.

“tangles contribute to hair breakage”

1During sleep

Whiles you’re getting your beauty sleep your hair could be working against you forming tangles and knots.  So before going to bed try wearing a silk or satin scarf over your hair. The smooth fabric protects your hair from forming tangles and knots as you toss and turn at night. If you’re unable to wrap up your hair try braiding your hair and pining up your ends before bed. This is also effective in minimizing tangles as you sleep. Therefore if you’ve been tossing and turning due to a bad dream, you can at least expect to  wake up to a good hair day.

2While washing

Understandably you want get all the dirt out of your hair, so you vigorously scrub and rub your conditioner in. But unfortunately, you’re rubbing and matting your hair into a tangled mess. A useful tip is to wash your hair in braided sections, this minimizes tangling and knots saving you much need time when your out of the shower and styling your hair.

“the #1 most effective way to prevent tangles is to wear stretched out styles”

3While in a curly style

Leaving your hair in a curly free style can be a recipe for knots and tangle. This is because curly hair tends to shrink and curl up on itself, wrapping around other strand and creating knots. As a curly head girl I’m sure you’ve seen your hair shrink up and shrinkage is the biggest contributor to tangle, knot, and breakage. The most effective way to prevent this is to wear your hair stretched. Stretched hair has a harder time curling up on itself, which makes straighten hair the number 1 best way to prevent tangles. However straighters’ can cause heat damage, so if you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to straighten your hair without using any heat, well, there is- with the EZthread styling tool. EZthread is the best solution for straightening your hair without using heat.

4Wind, rain and weather elements

Bad weather can wreak havoc on your hair, harsh winds and dry air can cause negative friction on the hair, a great solution is stretched hair styles and protective styling. Hair which is stretched is less prone to tangles because it harder for the curl to curl  up on itself. And hair which is in a protective style is tucked away in a braid, twist or better yet, coated in a thread which prevents every inch of the hair from being exposed to weather the elements and controls the hair from curling up on itself. Therefore keeping the hair manageable in sometimes an unmanageable weather condition.


So there you have, four great ways to combat tangles, which is important because not only are tangles time consuming to take out, but they can be extremely damaging on your hair. So be encouraged to follow these simple steps today, because when it comes to knots and tangles prevention is ten times better than cure!


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