The fabulous, threading machine; EZthread has well and truly landed on the market and we are ecstatic to be launching it. It feels amazing to launch this styling tool because finally, there is an alternative to straightening out your hair. Heat damage is real and in the past we’ve only been restricted to heat damaging method to stretch your hair. Not to mention relaxer and keratin treatments which can actually cause scalp damage. Which is why EZthread is becoming immensely popular!  This 3-in-1 styling tool has gone from strength to strength because it has so many benefits, like;

  • Retaining hair length
  • Making hair more manageable
  • Stretching the hair
  • Reducing knots and tangles
  • Keeps the hair moisturized
  • Acting as a protective style

The list goes on and on. So don’t miss out, especially since our seasonal sale going on now. Click below to go to our ebay_logopage for your purchase, and soon you’ll be threading your way to strong healthy hair.


Item Details

    • Hair Type: All Hair Types
    • Features: Rotating Head
    • Number of Heat Settings: 0
    • Power Source: Battery-powered (Battery required)
    • Care and Cleaning: Spot Clean only
    • Includes: Instruction manual

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age for using EZthread? EZthred is easy to use for all ages, however we recommend an adult should be nearby to supervise kids under 12.

How do I prep my hair before using the EZthreadWet or dry, make sure hair is combed through and free of tangles.

Is there a certain way to use EZthread? Yes.

How much hair can the hair clasps hold? The hair clasps hold about a 1½ to ¼ inch strand of hair.

Can I use this product with wet hair? Yes, product can be used with wet or dry hair.

Do you recommend a minimum hair length to use EZthread? No

Does this product require batteries? Yes, 2 AA alkaline batteries are required for use.

Is EZthread waterproof? No, EZthread is not waterproof.

What do I do when there is buildup around the clasp of the tool? How do I clean that? Moisten a cotton swab in a little water, then raise the clip and hold it open while you clean off the residue. Never immerse EZthread in water or hold it under a running faucet.